CV35: Removing the Barriers Between You and Your Clients | Coronavirus Sessions | WHOA GNV Podcast

Podcast Fam! Today on the show we have Christopher Floyd of Insight Insurance Group. We talk about the challenge of messaging during the pandemic, as some agents will leverage fear to accomplish their goals and Chris isn't one of those. He also talks about the challenge of connecting with his more senior customers as most of them he has traditionally met with face-to-face, but obviously, in order to protect his clients, he hasn't been meeting with them in person. So, how has he pivoted? How is he communicating with the clients? What are the hurdles he has had to face? What's he doing with some of the extra time? Connect with Chris Floyd at shoutout to the United Way. Thank you for all you do! thanks to our sponsors Leonardo's Pizza of Millhopper and Mat Houchens of Houchens Consulting! So grateful for your continued support!

Posted by WHOA GNV Podcast on Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Chris Floyd from Insight Insurance discusses how he’s interacting with clients during the pandemic.